I can help you if…

  • you need input to find your way through crises
  • you want to learn how to deal with your problems, worries and grief
  • your problems hold you captive, and it is difficult to enjoy life
  • you want to experience personal development, for example how to get used to living in Scandinavia
  • you really want to know yourself and get on with your life

Life can be challenging…

Surviving change and crisis in life can be almost impossible to deal with by yourself.

Professional help by a psychologist can be an effective and positive influence on your wellbeing and ability to enjoy life.

Professional help can also be important and necessary for reestablishing your own equilibrium.

Psychotherapy can teach you to deal effectively with your own individual problems, worries and grief.

Professional help makes a difference

I am a licensed psychologist and member of Danish Psychological Association.

I have the Danish equivalent of a masters degree in psychology. For many years I have been an advisor on the psychological aspects of education and have designed personal courses for educators at all levels.

I have many years of experience working with young people and adults in both the public and private sector. This experience includes a great deal of practical work in the areas of crisis- and grief-therapy and ex-patriots posted to Denmark.

I enjoy being a consultant in cultural compency.